Time flys…

So since starting this blog and then forgetting about it for two years it’s time for an update. Once The Promise was safely in her berth at the Canal Marina on the Fremont cut in Seattle Suzie and I returned to the UK for me to complete my assignment there.


I promised a part 2 to the passage from SF to SEA. We always had 2 people on watch at any time. I was asleep through the first “incident” described next. Passing along the Oregon coast about 3AM the fog was very think. On radar the watch saw many returns on the radar ahead and assumed they were fishing boats. Indeed they were and apparently took exception to us approaching there fishing grounds and or pots.

Upon our return in the fall of 2013 I began the process of upgrading the systems on The Promise. While we found her in good condition, she is a 40 year old boat and the systems were in need of upgrade/improvement. We did have a few short trips this year we did not put many hours on her.

 June 2016 – I will add some info and photos later. In early spring we moved the boat from the Fremont cut in Seattle to Port Hadlock, her new home.

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